How to Get a Motorcycle Driver’s License in Nebraska

Nebraska Motorcycle Driver’s License

Nebraska Motorcycle Driver's LicenseIf you wish to legally operate a motorcycle or any three-wheeled motor vehicle on any Nebraska roads or highways, you must have a motorcycle driver’s license or Class M license. You can apply for a motorcycle permit and license at any DMV office in Nebraska but you must first apply for a motorcycle permit.

Basic Requirements for the License

To obtain a motorcycle permit, new applicants who are over 18 years of age must:

  • Study the motorcycle driver manual
  • Visit your local licensing office
  • Submit original copy of the application form
  • Submit identification documents
  • Pay the application fee
  • Pass the vision test
  • Pass the written test

New applicants who are between 17 and 18 must complete the requirements given above and should have either a School Learner’s permit or a Provisional Operator’s permit. Once you complete the above requirements, you will be given a motorcycle permit that will allow you to practice driving a motorcycle.

To receive a motorcycle driver’s license, you must be at least 18 years of age or a 17 year-old Nebraska resident who has held a provisional operator’s permit for one year or more. To obtain a motorcycle license, you must:

  • Visit any DMV office
  • Provide proof of identity
  • Present two documents proving your place of Nebraska residence.
  • Pass the vision test.
  • Pass the knowledge test
  • Pay the required fees. If this is your first license, you will pay $ 26.50 but there is no charge in adding a Class M endorsement in your current Nebraska driver’s license. If you have a valid CDL, you will be charge with $12. 50 to add a motorcycle endorsement in your license.

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    The last step to get a motorcycle driver’s license or endorsement is to pass the skills test and since only certain DMV locations offer motorcycle skills testing, you have to set an appointment with your local skills test center. Upon passing the test, you will receive your license or motorcycle endorsement.
    However, both your motorcycle skills test and written test will be waived if you complete a state-approved motorcycle safety training class. Just bring your certificate of completion to your nearest DMV office and you will be issued a motorcycle endorsement. You license will be mailed to you after about a week from application and is valid for five years.

Renewal of the License

If your license is about to expire, you should receive a renewal postcard from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles approximately 90 days before your motorcycle license will expire. Bring this notice to the nearest DMV office to renew your motorcycle driver’s license.

When you renew your Nebraska motorcycle license, you must:

      • Present one form of acceptable identification which includes your full name and date of birth.
      • Provide two documents showing your principal address in Nebraska
      • Provide your Social Security Number
      • Provide proof of exemption
      • Pass the vision screening test

Both the written and driving tests will be waived if you renew your motorcycle driver’s license within one year of your license’s expiration date. Your license will be sent to you after five to seven business days after the renewal.


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