Who knew motorcycle schools had 50% off sales?

Take a Motorcycle Rider Course for 50% off

If you are in NYC and want to take a motorcycle rider course now, read this and save some cash.

I ran across this “coupon” just today and thought I would share for those of us New Yorkers that still want to get on a bike this year.  C’mon, suck it up, it ain’t cold yet.

The deal is for 50% off a “Introductory Motorcycle Experience” at the Motorcycle Safety School of New York (specifically, for Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and thereabouts).  So, you’ll get the intro course for $45 instead of $90.  Not a bad deal.

Now, the site that has this deal posted (here’s the link, by the way –> MSSNYCDeal) says the deal has expired.  But, take a look at the bottom in the THE FINE PRINT.



Given that I read English pretty well, I think it’s good through October 26th (or the 10th of 26 month, so either way . . .).

So, I’d go for it.  Call up MSS at this number 1-718-599-1079 and use the discount code they provide, Daily News, and get yourself a discount.

Leave a comment below if you hook up this deal.  Would love to hear someone took advantage of this deal.  Actually, come back and tell me if they DON’T honor the deal.  I might have to make note of that somehow.

How long does it take to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

Sure you want to ride a motorcycle?

motorcycle safety course

Riding a motorcycle involves a lot of work and exposes you to a higher number of risks than driving a car. Mostly, other cars.

But, you really want to know how long it takes to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly, right?

The mechanical aspects of learning how to control the throttle, clutch and gear lever can be learned quickly and safely in a large empty car park at low speed. In other words, learning how to control a motorcycle will take less than an hour if you have the guts to use the throttle when you are supposed to and use the break when needed.

Then you can cruise around the parking lot for half a day to learn how to ride on a motorcycle.  So, if you really want to get after it, you can be riding on a motorcycle in a day.

But riding safely, for the long-term is completely different.  Riding in heavily congested traffic is a different matter. Some say that to learn how to operate a bike doesn’t take long but learning how to really ride and to do it safely is kind of a lifelong process.

The process of learning to ride safely on a public road is a real challenge for a new rider. It will take weeks, months and years to accomplish. Why? Before you can ride in a public road, you need to acquire the necessary skills on how to properly control the bike and to achieve a certain amount of confidence on your driving capacity. How can you achieve this? Take the MSF course and take any extra training you can afford until you are confident.

how to ride a motorcycle

You may learn how to ride from friends but it is best to get proper training and guidance from professional trainers. Every state of the U.S. has motorcycle riding schools approved by the MSF. Taking a riding course from one of these schools is a big step in making you a safe and competent rider. The course will provide you with skills and pointers that will help you every minute on the road. Through a motorcycle driving school you will learn details about how a bike works, how to balance on a bike, how the brakes work, the proper riding posture and how you get to work on numerous riding techniques that your friend could not have taught you. In other words, a professional can turn your riding style to virtually instinctive which may go a long way in the future.

So, if you’re going to ask how long does it takes to learn how to ride a motorcycle, it depends on your willingness to learn and the kind of training you get.

Learn How To Ride and Be a Motocross and Off-Road Pro

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The up-to-date advice found here makes this book an essential guide for today’s off-road racers and riders. The author is Jeremy McGrath’s personal trainer.
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The Most Incredible Deal We’ve Seen on “Get Ready to Pass”

The Best Motorcycle License Practice Test Program on the planet?

UPDATE: Get Ready To Pass didn’t.  Looks like the folks over there had to turn off the lights.  These programs are no longer available.Pass Your Motorycle Riding Test Video Course

Just in time to start the New Year and help you attack that resolution to learn to ride a motorcycle and get your motorcycle license, our friends over at Get Ready to Pass, have put out an incredible offer.  We’ve never seen them put their program and extras on offer for such a low price.  I’m not quoting the price, just in case they decide to change it, but if what you see below is even remotely interesting, get over to their site before it’s too late.

We assume you don’t know yet about the program Get Ready to Pass has, so keep reading.  It’s really a great program for getting ready to ride and the offer that’s on the table is a do not miss offer if you are seriously ready to ride and want to ensure you pass on the first try.

This is the most comprehensive motorcycle license practice test program we’ve seen.  More than just some good ideas, this is real learning/real education.  And they are throwing in some nice little extras this holiday season to really really help you pass that license or permit test.

Getting ready to take your road test to get your license?  Nervous?  These guys will help you pass your road test on the very first try.  Better than learning from a handbook  you’ll get a Virtual Walk Through of the Road Test For Motorcycles!  You’ll SEE exactly what the road test will cover – no black and whites here, real video learning taught by professional instructors as they perform the tasks you will be graded on!

What’s the hook here?  You get to go visual.  Get out of the books and study guides from class.  This video course is better than any handbook out there.

Some of the good stuff here:

  • Real footage of motorcycle driving
  • Professional instructors
  • Left and Right Turns
  • Intersections
  • Expressways and Lane Changes
  • Managing Curves and Parking Lots
  • How to Identify and Respond to High Risk Scenarios

And, there’s a 100% guarantee.  If you aren’t happy, you can get all your money back.  It’s totally worth a look.

And you get a Motorcycle Driving School Cafe bonus too!

If you order Get Ready To Pass while they’ve got their Christmas Special going, you’ll get a free copy of our motorcycle license practice exam, Crush Your License Exam.  This guide is the result of 100’s of hours studying the U.S. state motorcycle manuals and pulling together the best of the best questions to get you prepared for your written exam.  Here’s a video sneak-peak at the practice exam: Crush Your License Exam Video.  Just a little extra something to help ensure you do pass that license exam.  After-all, that’s the goal here – get you to be a safe and licensed rider.

So, get ready to pass and then make that resolution real.  Get your motorcycle driving license with the help of Get Ready to Pass and MotoSchoolCafe; with us, you’ll be ready for your road and written tests.

Click below to get all the details of this huge offer from Get Ready to Pass.  Go buy the program, get the bonuses and then pass your test.

Motorcycle License Practice Exam