Lake County IL Motorcycle safety class looking for a new home – Chicago Tribune

ABATE Region 2 Safety Class Needs Home

ABATE Region 2 motorcycle rider training
John “Bear” Hewitt of ABATE Region 2 – (source: Joe Puchek / Post-Tribune)

As recently reported in the Chicago Tribune, motorcycle rider safety classes in Lake County, Illinois will need a new home as of 2018.

ABATE has been providing annual rider safety classes in the Lake County Government Center parking lot for nearly 20 years and is disappointed they have to look for another home.  As quoted to the Post-Tribune, John “Bear” Hewitt says: “We’ll find something somewhere.  It always seems to come together.”  But ABATE acknowledges it’s a problem to move.

It’s not just about the money . . . or is it?

ABATE pays about $500 annually for the use of the space.  A competitive offer was received for $1000 a month . . . and was denied.

A Lake County government official notes that the county needed to decide if it was in the business of renting space or not.  And it determined it isn’t.

Read the original report here from the Chicago Post-Tribune.

Racing a Motorcycle Across the US? Try to Beat this Guy

Carl Reiss: source WIRED
WIRED: Carl Reiss who just set the speed record for crossing the U.S. on a motorcycle

Dude sets speed record for racing a motorcycle across the U.S.

As reported on WIRED magazine (author Jordan Crucchiola), Carl Reiss just set the speed record for crossing the U.S. on a motorcycle in a spectacular time just short of 40 hours.  He’s just set his sixth timed “Cannonball Run” record and I’m surehes’ a shoe-in for the classic “Iron Butt” challenge.

I tried the Iron Butt Rally – actually made the ride from Chicago to Portland, Maine under time.  Even had a cop in Portland sign the gas slip at the gas station when we finally arrived.  Just short of 24 hours.  And I can tell you that even at the age of 28, I was wiped out – wind battered, cold, wet and tired.  Oh, and like Carl, I did it on a lovely beemer.

I can’t image a 39+ hour blast across the country.

But there’s so much in the details of his ride – from conditioning his butt for the long haul, swearing off caffeine and sugar for weeks before, to having support crews staged throughout the trip – that differed from my raw attempt at racing a motorcycle and getting one-third of the way across the U.S. in just 24 hours.

Pretty amazing feat, actually.  The few ways to beat him?  Go faster (he averaged 73 mph!), sleep less (he had a one hour nap), and don’t get a flat tire.

Alabama to require (again!) Motorcycle Licenses

Alabama House Bill 212 Brings the Motorcycle License Back

Under a new bill passed on Tuesday, April 14th by the Alabama House of Representatives, motorcycle riders will have to, again, have a motorcycle qualification on their driving license to legally pilot a bike.

This “new” regulation, comes by reversal of a prior licensing legislation mistake in 1990, that elminted the motorcycle classification.

If approved in the Alabama Senate, the law will take effect on Jan 1, 2016.

Here’s the link to AL HB212.

Who knew motorcycle schools had 50% off sales?

Take a Motorcycle Rider Course for 50% off

If you are in NYC and want to take a motorcycle rider course now, read this and save some cash.

I ran across this “coupon” just today and thought I would share for those of us New Yorkers that still want to get on a bike this year.  C’mon, suck it up, it ain’t cold yet.

The deal is for 50% off a “Introductory Motorcycle Experience” at the Motorcycle Safety School of New York (specifically, for Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and thereabouts).  So, you’ll get the intro course for $45 instead of $90.  Not a bad deal.

Now, the site that has this deal posted (here’s the link, by the way –> MSSNYCDeal) says the deal has expired.  But, take a look at the bottom in the THE FINE PRINT.



Given that I read English pretty well, I think it’s good through October 26th (or the 10th of 26 month, so either way . . .).

So, I’d go for it.  Call up MSS at this number 1-718-599-1079 and use the discount code they provide, Daily News, and get yourself a discount.

Leave a comment below if you hook up this deal.  Would love to hear someone took advantage of this deal.  Actually, come back and tell me if they DON’T honor the deal.  I might have to make note of that somehow.