May 26, 2024

Mad Rush To Get Motorcycle Driving Licenses

The mad rush to get Motorcycle driving licenses

Mad rush for motorbike driving licenses
Motorcycle Driving License

Because there are changes on how to get motorcycle driving licenses in Europe, Belgian driving schools are being inundated by people hoping to beat the deadline for the introduction of the new European driving licence. This May, the Belgian driving licence is being replaced by a European one that is a lot harder to get.

The Federation of Recognised Driving Schools says that the driving schools can currently not keep up with demand and are fully booked up for driving tests.

New motorcycle riders who are eager to get hold of a driving licence for a motorcycles will have to complete the exam procedure in several steps. First applicants will be tested on vehicles with a smaller engine and the engine size will increase over the exam procedure. To proceed to a higher stage you will have to pass an exam and follow lessons.

Since the process of obtaining a new driving licence is different than before (it will be spread out over several steps), the price will also increase. Riders will spend up to 500 euros per stage while only people over 24 can try and get the licence in one go.

As the new tests will be harder and more costly many people are trying to get hold of one before the 1 May deadline.

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