February 29, 2024

Alabama Motorcycle Driver’s License

What You Need to Know About Riding a Motorcycle in Alabama (AL)

Alabama Motorcycle Driver's License

A resident of Alabama who wishes to ride a motorcycle must have a valid motorcycle driver’s license.

You must be at least 14 years old and above in order to apply for a Class M license. This permit carries a “B” restriction for use on a motorcycle especially for 14 and 15 years old. When you turn 16 years old, the “B” restriction will be removed when you return to the driver’s license office.

Basic Requirements for the Motorcycle Driver’s License

A motorcycle driver’s license and permit can be obtained by applying at any Alabama Department of Public Safety Office in Alabama.

Applicants for a motorcycle driver’s license who are 16 years old and above are qualified for Class M license and must complete the following requirements:

  • Visit any DPS Office and fill your application form. (http://www.dps.state.al.us/)
  • Bring important forms of identification. This will include at least one form of primary identification with a photograph or two forms of secondary identification as well as one form of primary identification.
  • Pay your fees.
  • Pass the driver examination.
  • Set up an appointment at your local DPS office to undertake your practical test.
  • Visit your local DPS office to fill up the application form.
  • Present proof of school enrolment or graduation.
  • Bring proof of identification.
  • Pay an application fee cost.
  • Pass the driver’s written exam. When you pass the exam, you will be given a learner’s license or instruction permit.
  • Book an appointment to take the practical test. Contact your local DPS office for hours and locations of the exam.

Note: For new applicants who are between 14 and 16 years old, you are eligible for a restricted B Class license for the use of motor driven cycles. However, you have to complete the following requirements:

To apply for a motorcycle driver’s license, you need to take the written exam therefore you have to study the Alabama Motorcycle Manual to learn the rules of the road, rules of the State, traffic signs as well as practical tips on driving a motorcycle. If you fail the exam, you have to wait until at least until the next day to take the test again but you will be charge a reexamination fee.

To help with your learning check our online motorcycle practice test and our U.S. Motorcycle Practice Test reviewer app now available on the Apple App Store.

If you pass the exam and were given a motorcycle learner’s license, you are allowed to practice driving a motorcycle until you have successfully completed the practical test given by the DPS office. However, the permit does not allow you to drive on the highway, during the evening, and to ride with any passengers.

Once your licensing requirements have been properly met, a motorcycle driver’s license or a Class M endorsement will be added to your existing driver’s license. However, if you obtained your Alabama driver’s license before 1990 and were able to keep it since that time, you already have a motorcycle driver’s license. You may look on your license and if on the top right corner there is a “D” next to “Class” and then an “M”, it only means that you are already licensed to drive a motorcycle.

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