April 17, 2024

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Alaska Motorcycle License School

Looking for an Alaska motorcycle training and riding schools? Many are afraid to learn to ride a motorcycle because of the danger that goes with it. Yes, riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience and to most motorcyclists; nothing compares to it. However, to ride a motorcycle comes with certain responsibilities and one of these is to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly through motorcycle riding schools and training centers.

Here is a list of some of the motorcycle training and riding schools and training centers in the State of Alaska (AK):

ABATE of Alaska Inc. (http://www.abateofalaska.com/)

This motorcycle training center in Alaska is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Alaska that allows ALL riders to unite in brotherhood to safeguard their rights and still remain individuals with differing views. According to their official website, ABATE stands for Alaskan Bikers Advocating Training and Education and believes that all motorcyclist are brothers with common interest. They offer ABATE Rider Education Program that trains riders of different skill levels to ride defensively and safely on Alaskan roads. To sign up for a course, contact ABATE at (907) 566-3334 or visit (http://www.abateofalaska.com/contact/).

Cherokee Riders (http://www.cherokeeriders.com/)

This motorcycle riding school located Fairbanks, Alaska was established in 2001 by Thomas R. McGhee to provide quality driver’s training and motorcycle safety courses. Cherokee is a provider of Alaska State Approved Driving Courses and Motorcycle Safety Foundation Courses. For more information about the courses they offer please call (907) 455-0010 or email them at cherokee7@acsalaska.net.

Denali Harley-Davidson /Rider Edge (http://www.denaliharley.com/)

Denali-Harley-Davidson is located in the heart of Alaska, North West of Anchorage and offers motorcycle riding courses through Rider Edge Academy. They offer New Rider Course, Skilled Rider Course and Group Riding Course for novice and veteran riders. To schedule a ride please visit, http://www.denaliharley.com/default.asp?page=xcontact or call (907) 373-3366 or fax to (907) 373-3416.

Kenai Peninsula Harley-Davidson (http://www.kenaipeninsulaharley.com/)

The Harley-Davidson on Kenai Peninsula offers the Experienced Rider Course developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The ERC exercises at Kenai are performed on your own motorcycle. According to their site, you must provide your own street-legal, registered, insured and inspected motorcycle. For more information, call Kenai Peninsula Harley-Davidson at 907-260-6777.

Valley ABATE (http://www.valleyabate.com/)

This motorcycle riding school is located in Matanuska and Susitna River Valley, in South-central Alaska. According to their website, the Valley ABATE Riders Rights Organization was founded in late 2000 and is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation recognized training provider. They offer both Basic Rider Courses (BRC) and Experienced Rider Course (ERC) from May to September. For more information, email them at info@valleyabate.com or send mail to Valley ABATE, P.O Box 1224 Palmer, AK 99645.

These are some of the best motorcycle training and riding schools and training centers in Alaska (AK).

If you don’t have a motorcycle license yet, check how to get an Alaska motorcycle driver’s license.

Are we missing a school on our list? Or did you attend one of these schools and want to leave a review for future riders? Leave a Comment and share what you know.

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