February 29, 2024

Arkansas Motorcycle Training and Riding Schools | Learn To Ride

Motorcycle Riding Schools in Arkansas

Looking for Arkansas motorcycle training and riding schools? According to accident studies in Arkansas, proper training and common sense is very important to a person who rides a motorcycle. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran; everybody is required to undertake motorcycle safety and skills training classes.

If you want to ride a motorcycle, these are the motorcycle training and riding schools in Arkansas (AR):

Arkansas A.B.A.T.E Rider Education

This is a nonprofit organization in Central Arkansas that promote,s practices and teaches motorcycle safety training. According to their official website, ABATE stands for Arkansas Bikers Aiming Towards Education. Their goals are to initiate, endorse and sponsor educational programs; rider safety, public awareness, legislative and affirmative action, and individual freedoms and right. For application, please visit http://www.arkansasabate.org/application5.htm. For more information contact them at tel # 501-317-1832, fax # 501-776-8306 or email them at abateofarkansas@swbell.net and abatearkansaswebmaster@yahoo.com.

Arkansas Motorcycle Safety and Skills Development (http://www.arkansasmotorcyclesafety.com/)

This riding school in Arkansas is known to have traffic-safety experts that widely acknowledge the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Rider Courses as the best instruction for motorcyclists anywhere in the world. According to their website, the goals of their Rider Education Program are to improve rider skills and safety through proper training, enhance the public image of motorcycling, and to promote Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education Programs and motorcycle awareness through community service programs. For more info, visit info@arkansasmotorcyclesafety.com.

Arkansas Safe Rider Motorcycle Education (http://www.arsaferider.com/)

This motorcycle riding school is located at Springdale and Clarksville in Arkansas. According to their official website, their goal is to make your motorcycle riding safe and more enjoyable by teaching both new and experienced motorcyclists the technical skills and mental strategies necessary to operate a motorcycle, or any 3-wheeled motorcycle, and to provide an ongoing learning experience for riders of all ability levels. The Arkansas Safe Rider Motorcycle Education uses only Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses and their certified Rider Coaches. Contact them at info@ARSafeRider.com or call them at 479-967-0491 to schedule special times or dates for any of their courses offered.

Geo-Center Motorcycle Training

This motorcycle training center is located at Mena, Arkansas and has Rider Coaches certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) to teach both the Basic Rider Course and the Experienced Rider Course. According to their site, a successful completion of the Basic Rider Course waives the driving test in Arkansas as well as in Oklahoma. For more details about their prices and conditions, contact them at (254) 214-6627 or email curt@gcmctraining.com. They are available from Monday to Saturday at 8am to 5pm.

Motorcycle Safety of Arkansas LLC

According to their site, Motorcycle Safety of Arkansas is a non-profit organization promoting the safety of motorcyclists with programs in rider training, operator licensing, and public information. They offer courses that follow the curriculum developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and include both Basic Rider Course and Experienced Rider Course. For class schedule call 870-932-3606 or send your contact information from the Registration page of their website.

Motorcycle Safety and Training Center (http://www.motorcyclesafetyandtrainingcenter.com/)

This motorcycle training center provides classes for all levels of rider – from beginners to intermediate. According to their site, their mission is to help riders of all skill levels have a lifelong learning experience and to make the rider courses fun and non-threatening yet intense, within a safe learning environment. They offer courses in Forth Smith and Sallisaw Arkansas and are approved by the State of Arkansas. For more information, email them at ed@motorcyclesafetyandtrainingcenter.com or call 479-806-7088 and 479-353-2765.

Rider Edge Harley-Davidson

This is a Harley-Davidson Academy of Motorcycling for any two-wheeled novice or seasoned road veteran. They offer both New Rider and Skilled Rider Courses and are located at Rogers and Eureka Springs Arkansas. For more information, contact 479- 636-9797 or 479- 363- 6224.

These are some of the best motorcycle riding schools and training centers in the state of Arkansas.

Are we missing a school on our list? Or did you attend one of these schools and want to leave a review for future riders? Leave a Reply below and share what you know.

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  1. Are there any classes in /near Searcy Arkansas? It has been over 30 years since I have been on a bike. Just bought a piaggio mp3 400, thought the two wheels would be better balance BUT poor thing is already in the shop after 30 min of me :(. I found out how heavy it really is. Lol. I AM going to figure it out but I need help because my goal is for safety. I am better with horses. If anyone can help me… Trigger

  2. I trained in North Little Rock, Arkansas. My son wants to ride. What happened to the school that I went to?

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