May 26, 2024
Bell Bullitt

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

Checkout our Bell Bullitt helmet review! One of the most iconic Bell helmets out there. The Bell Bullitt line was launched around 2014 and has been sought off till today because of the classic styled retro design along with it’s modern convenient features. However, retro style helmet may not be everyones cup of tea but they look cool as hell. It kinda feels like it suits a certain kinda of rider.. if you’re into Harleys, custom builds, cafe racers, scramblers, cruisers and classics this helmet should fit your style.

What’s in the Box?

  • Sticker Kit
  • Helmet Instruction Manual
  • Clear Visor
  • Helmet Bag
Bell Bullitt Helmet Review
What’s in the Bell Bullit Box? Manuals, bag, stickers etc.


  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Weighs 1.4kg, average for modern helmets
  • Premium comfortable full leather interior padding
  • Old school double-d ring fastener (classic way tighgten the chin strap)
  • Visor aperture. Wide view angles (you can see a lot more)
  • Excellent vents
  • Limited chin coverage
  • Sharp 3/5 star rated, barely passing
  • The helmet is ECE22.05 certified
Bell Bullitt Safety Rating
Safety Rating: ECE 22.05 Certified

Is the Bell Bullit Quiet?

Unfortunately the Bell Bullitt is not one of the quietest helmet out there because of the wider aperture for the face and no padding at the bottom chin.. you can hear most of the wind noise while riding. Might want to invest in some earplugs for wind reduction.

Bell Bullitt Safety Rating


The Bell Bullitt comes in three shell sizes ranging from XS to XXL.


Ventilation is one of the key selling points of the Bell Bullitt. There are 4 metal valve vents on the forehead for cooling the head and a vent at the back of the helmet to allow for the air to flow. In Addition, there are also chin vents which can be opened or closed from inside the helmet, so you need to stick your finger in the chin bar to open and close the vent, not the most assessible way.

Bell Bullitt Forehead Vents
Forehead Vents


The Bell Bullitt’s aperture is wide, has excellent viewing range with minimal head turning. Feels like wearing an open face helmet.

Just know that there are only three positions available on the Bell Bullitt – down, halfway and down (no slightly open option). It could get foggy in winter rider so consider putting some anti-fog treatment.

There is two visor types, flat and the bubble (the bubble is more retro but with some view distortion) There is no distortion with the flat view, you can’t go wrong with it. I have a couple of flat visors (clear and iridium)

The helmet closes with the magnets with what Bell calls as “Magnefusion shield closure system”. One of it’s unique features, I’ve only seen these Bell Bullitt helmet. The magnet latch is attached to the helmet with a nice leather that matches the interior lining. It gives the helmet a nice touch.

Magnefusion shield closure system

To remove or replace the visor, ideally use a cloth and coin to avoid damaging screws holding the visor, removing is as easy as it gets.

Chin Guard

The chin guard design is more of a visual effect rather than a more thought of chin protection and the breeze from the bottom of the helmet is where I find the most cause of the wind noise.


The leather suede interior lining is designed for maximum comfort, the cheek pads feel comfortable and material is light weight. It can be removed and washed.

Other Stuffs

The helmet also uses a padded leather double D-ring closure system that completes that old school retro look. Also in addition, the helmet has internal speaker pockets in the lining.

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review Summary

A retro helmet is a looker, the build and material is quite solid and premium. From all my motorcycle gears this is the one that I really hunted down to save and get. This is not a cheap helmet btw and not an entry level helmet either.

The safety rating is not that high so I try to only use the Bell Bullitt for short ride and commutes to the CBD.

Only cons for me is the noise for me when I ride on higher speed other than that I love the extra wide aperture.

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