April 17, 2024

Be an Expert: Learn How Every Part of Your Motorcycle Works

Modern Motorcycle Technology Book Review

Modern Motorcycle Technology” offers motorcyclists a fantastic technical overview and explanation for all the major mechanical and electrical systems on a motorcycle.


Be it sport bike, cruiser, tourer, dual-sport, or off-road machine you’ll learn precisely how your bike works and, more importantly, why it works.  Know more about what you have under your legs and be a better rider, mechanic and/or be in a better position to know what your bike needs at the shop when it’s time from some attention.

Author Massimo Clarke takes you through all the major components of your motorcycle focusing on subjects such as engine architecture, fuel systems, transmission, and chassis. The text is accompanied by revealing photos and diagrams that reinforce and help clarify precisely how these systems work.

Whether new to motorcycling or a road-seasoned veteran rider, you’ll find page after page of fascinating information.

Modern Motorcycle Technology” is another great reference for you.

Why is Modern Motorcycle Technology Useful?

This is an incredibly detailed book outlining how all the parts of the motorcycle, from the bolts up, are designed, made and used in a variety of motorcycles.  Knowing more about how your bike works will for sure make you a better rider and keep you better “tuned” to your bike and its needs.


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