December 11, 2023
Quad Lock Mag

Is Quad Lock Any Good?

What is Quad Lock and why is it popular? If you want your phone on the front of your bike or motorbike then the Quad Lock is the de facto benchmark, it’s like a GoPro for action cameras and iPhone/Samsung for mobile phones. Comes with heaps of accessories that extend its use not just for bikes and motorbikes. Developed in Australia by a couple of blokes. Launched on Kickstarter in 2011. It smashed funding from the cycling community.

I just made a big upgrade from my old iPhone 8 to an iPhone 14 Pro. So instead of just shopping around for a normal case, I am excited to get the new Quad Lock Mag. First time to own one and I’m excited for it to ship.

What are the Quad Lock Features?

  • Quad Lock features a patented dual-stage locking mechanism that securely locks your phone to the mount.
  • Quick to attach and detach with one hand.
  • Protective phone case with impact resistant edge to edge cover and protective lining

Available Models

  • New Quad Lock Mag – is thinner, flatter, and customizable with mag rings and MagSafe compatible,
  • Original Quad Lock – not compatible with mag range

Both cases feature the patented locking mechanism

Quad Lock Mag Features

  • Quad Lock Mag case is compatible with all Quad Lock mounts.
  • Use with Quad Lock Mag heads for Fast charging
  • Customizable with colored mag ring
  • Strong magnets allow you to attach your phone to a variety of surfaces

So Is the Quad Lock Any Good?

Just from the initial impression, I am 100% confident this Quad Lock is good, with almost 70,000 product reviews. Would recommend it if you are looking for any phone mount and add to your motorcycle accessories.

Once I get it in the mail I’ll make a full in-depth test and product review.

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