February 27, 2024

Learn How to Race a Motorcycle: Motorcycle Racing Schools in Canada

Motorcycle Racing Schools in Canada

Canada Motorcycle Racing SchoolsMotorcycling is fast becoming a sport more than just a mere means of daily transportation.

Dream to race or make it real?  Go to the track, learn some new skills and discover just how much better a rider you can be.

Listed below are some of the motorcycle racing schools in Canada:

Action Motorcycle School (http://www.actionmotorcycleschool.com/)

This motorcycle racing school has been serving riders since 1981. The courses they offer are ICBC approved and are taught by licensed instructors. They offer a Defensive Rider Course (DRC), Practical on-bike training and road training to new and returning riders. It is their goal to teach riders how to ride accurately and defensively.  Aside from their defensive rider course, they are also certified to conduct the Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA).  For more information, please call 604-881-1275, fax 778-298-1275 or send an email at info@actionmotorcycleschool.com.

Gearing Up Motorcycle Training Program (http://www.canmocycle.ca/)

According to their official website, the Canada Safety Council’s Gearing Up motorcycle training program is recognized by all levels of government. It also gains a worldwide reputation as the finest motorcycle training program available. The highlight of the course is on teaching some of the proven defensive driving techniques to keep riders safe and confident in the race track. The course concludes with a self evaluation and a licensing test from the Ministry of Transport. For more information, please call 905-522-5705, fax 905-522-5716 or send an email to registration@canmocycle.ca.

Fast Riding School (http://www.fastridingschool.com/index3.html)

The Fast Riding School has 25 years of experience in providing riders with Advanced Riding Instruction. Training instructions were given by Michel Mercier, a Canadian Superbike Champion and Fast Riding School owner. Their on track lessons consist of seven 10 minutes sessions each broken down into 3 parts; Track Riding Preparation, Track Riding Sessions and Report on your performance. This will ensure that every rider will get the maximum information and on-track actual riding experience. To get more information about their course schedule, visit http://www.fastridingschool.com/schedule.php or call 1418-422-5500, 1418-422-5520 or send an email to infor@fastridingschool.com.

Motopark Racing School (http://www.motoparkracing.com/)

According to their official website, Motopark offers the Motopark International Motocross Academy, Motocross Camps, Motocross Schools, Motocross Training, Private, Beginner and Group lessons, and a Family Camp. The program they offer will teach riders Motocross techniques like proper attack position, proper braking techniques, weighting your pegs, throttle control, jumps, Berms & Ruts.

On the other hand, the Motopark International Motocross Academy is an Educational and Motocross training program that is designed for motocross riders, allowing riders to achieve high levels of training and riding. The Motopark Summer Motocross Camp is designed to teach riders the proper Motorcross techniques and safety, as well as basic maintenance. These 10 weeks of motocross training program will make riders become faster and more experienced rider with a motocross mind.  Motopark Motocross Schools are offered to all levels of riders from beginners to advanced racers. For more information, please call (519) 794-2434, fax (519) 794-4750 or send an email to info@motoparkracing.com.

MX101 Motocross (http://www.mx101.ca/)

This motorcycle racing school is dedicated to providing the ultimate off-road facility and services in Canada. According to their official website, their facility offers off-road riders the benefits of riding in a maintained and controlled environment. They are the only facility in Eastern Ontario that is properly zoned for off-road recreational use. The services they offered include schools, camps, riding and racing for both two and four wheel off-road motorcycles and ATV’s. For more information, please call 1-866-701-1960, (613) 838-3391 or send an email to mx101@mx101.ca.

These are some of the motorcycle racing schools in Canada.

Are we missing a school on our list? Or did you attend one of these schools and want to leave a review for future riders? Leave a Comment and share what you know.



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