May 26, 2024

Learn How To Ride and Be a Motocross and Off-Road Pro

Review: Pro Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Riding Techniques

Pro Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Riding Techniques, New Ed.(CyclePro) In addition to pro tips and step-by-step photos on jumping, cornering, braking, starting, training, and more, this popular dirt rider’s bible has been fully updated to include the very latest techniques in full-color photos. All-new information features data on four-stroke bikes, as well as updated information on the latest body positions, bar set-ups, and jumping techniques that reflect the current emphasis on front-wheel landings.

Essential Guide for Off-Road Racers and Riders

The up-to-date advice found here makes this book an essential guide for today’s off-road racers and riders. The author is Jeremy McGrath’s personal trainer.
* This book is packed with information and pictures on off-road riding, which requires techinques that no-one seems to write about – but it’s all here in this book.
* This book picks apart every crash that ever fed me dirt and tells you how to avoid or at least live through all those track devils
* A great book for improving your technique.
* I’ve become a better rider as result of reading this book.
* A must buy.

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