April 17, 2024

Why Are You Waiting? Learn to Ride A Motorcycle Today from the MSF!

Learn to Ride a Motorcycle – Review: The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Guide to Motorcycling Excellence

MSF Learn to ride a Motorcycle Book

From Twitter DMs (follow us!) and Tweets and emails, we know, here at Motorcycle Driving School Cafe, that there are a lot of people just so excited, but waiting, to learn to ride.
We know you are waiting “for the right time”, “for your mom to say its OK!”, until you can get registered for a Motorcycle Safey Foundation Class, etc.  So many reasons standing in your way.

But we don’t want you to keep waiting.  You are a future 2-wheeled motosoul brother (or sister) giving us a left-handed wave as we pass on the highway.


So, we’ve done some research and tried to find some great ways to get started learning, now, at home.

The best recommendations we can make are always for MSF programs.  And so, we recommend the MSF learning to
ride a motorcycle book.

Please note, the links here are affiliate links.  Which means, we do get a small commission if you purchase through our links.  The price is the same to you, but your purchase helps keep MotoSchoolCafe alive on the net to help you and other motorcycle riders learn to ride and ride safely.

A learning to ride a motorcycle book from THE source of safe riding eduction

And since that’s what we believe and teach here at MotoSchoolCafe, this is the book to make our first review.

If you want to ride safe, this is a book for you. And this second edition has some great updates.

It the book you will find:

  • A complete, authoritative book on safe riding techniques and strategies.
  • The culmination of what the MSF has learned about teaching students of all ages and experience over years and millions of students
  • A clear, engaging style with detailed diagrams and extensive full-color photographs and illustrations.  Very Cool!
  • Insight that covers rider attitude, proper dress, performance, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as basic and advanced street skills.
  • Most importantly, tips on how to:
    • stop quickly when necessary
    • avoid traffic hazards
    • apply evasive maneuvers
    • countersteer for better control
    • travel skillfully in a group

And, of course, there is more in the MSF book

As we said, this is a great source of riding wisdom and for a new rider or soon-to-be rider, it will become your “bible”.

This new second edition features the latest insights from the new, updated MSF curriculum, plus all new photos and graphics that make its valuable lessons easy to follow.

S0, if you are just waiting around, take some action on making your motorcycle riding dreams real and start learning with MSF.  Really, it’s a great way to start.

MSF Learn to Ride a Motorcycle Book Buy Now

If you buy the book and have a chance to read it, come back and drop a comment on this post.  Let us know your opinion.

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