February 29, 2024

Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle: A Beginner’s Manual

How To Ride A Motorcycle – Review: A Rider’s Guide to Strategy, Safety and Skill Development


A beginner‘s manual especially geared to the needs of entry-level riders, this book provides all the basic instruction necessary to become a motorcycle rider with an emphasis on the challenges faced by new riders. Starting at an absolute basic level and evolving into a serious, intelligent expert, How to Ride a Motorcycle tells the reader how to be a motorcycle rider with a strong emphasis on safety and big-picture strategy (“think about it this way” as opposed to”do this.”)

Topics covered include:

  • selecting a bike
  • riding gear
  • insurance
  • how a motorcycle works – controls, operation, and basic maintenance (not to forget maintaining the right mental attitudes)
  • venturing out from your first ride in the practice lot to trouble areas like freeways or gravel roads
  • getting good and getting involved what to do once you’ve caught”motorcycle fever”
    • trading up to new bikes or multiple bikes
    • finding advanced training
  • other general nuggets of wisdom on participation in the motorcycle community at large

A Perfect Book for Beginning Motorcycle Riders

* This book will make a big difference in new riders (or those that are dying to ride) lives – this  book will take you from step 1 in building a motorcycle life.
* This book has everything a rider needs to know to get started: preparation, picking out a bike and riding gear, how to work the controls, how to practice, when to take a rider training course, what to do after you get your license, how to get better and get familiar with different types of roads and traffic, safe riding procedures, and more.
* It’s easy to read,humorous at times but this book has cooler photos and diagrams and important advice for hungry new riders.
* There is a ton of information here and it’s just what beginners need.

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