April 17, 2024

Motorcycle Riding Schools – Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle in Tennessee

Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle in Tennessee

Motorcycle Riding Schools in TennesseeIn Tennessee, motorcyclists are required to finish a Basic Rider Course offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or by the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state. This is the motorcycle training course you need to finish in order to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. Basic Rider Course is offered by motorcycle driving schools approved by MSF.

In Tennessee, these are the motorcycle riding schools:

Abernathy’s Harley-Davidson

Abernathy’s Harley-Davidson in Union City, Tennessee offers motorcycle education through Rider’s Edge, the Harley-Davidson Academy of Motorcycling. They offer courses for new riders as well as skilled riders who want to enhance their skills. Both courses and instructors are approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  For more information, please email info@abernathyonline.com or call (731) 885-2054.

Appalachian Rider Education Program

This motorcycle education program offers Basic Rider course, Experienced Rider course and Advanced rider course for future and existing riders about straight-line riding, shifting, turning, accident avoidance, and many more. All courses are approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. For more course information, please visit http://www.appalachianridered.com/page05.html or call Jim Cook at 423-878-4969 or email arep4u@yahoo.com.

Boswell’s Motorcycles / Harley-Davidson (http://www.boswellsharley.com/)

Even if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, the Rider’s Edge’s New Rider course offered at Boswell’s Motorcycles in Nashville, Cookeville, Madison and Music City is designed to make sure those who are new at motorcycling will feel comfortable. They will provide knowledge and skills every rider needs to ride with confidence. All courses are approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. For more information, please contact (800) 475-0737.

Bumpus Harley-Davidson

The Bumpus Harley-Davidson in Jackson, Tennessee offers motorcycle education through Rider’s Edge New Rider Course. According to their official website, this is a course designed to familiarize those not currently riding with the sport of motorcycling in a positive, challenging and fun way. They use a curriculum approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Upon completion of the course, riders will get their own motorcycle license in Tennessee. For more information, please call Rick Bonds at (731) 616-0438 or email rick.bonds@bumpusharleydavidson.com.

Cycle Safety Program

Cycle Safety program offer two styles of motorcycle safety courses – the Basic Rider Course and Experienced Rider Suite. According to their official website, both courses are offered at Southwest Tennessee Community College, Macon Cove Campus where students are exposed to a learner-centered environment of creative teaching by instructors or rider-coaches. All rider-coaches and instructors are nationally certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and state certified by the Tennessee Department of safety-Motorcycle Program. To register, please contact 901-333-4519.

Knoxville Rider Education Program

Since 1989, Knoxville Rider Education Program (KREP) has used Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses in order to introduce thousands of students to the world of motorcycling and has helped thousands more improve skills already in place. According to their official website, they have four training sites around East Tennessee area. They also strive to make motorcycle education available and beneficial for all who share their passion for riding.

KREP has four major locations; Karns High School, Pellissippi State Community, McMinn County High School, and Walter State Community College-Morristown. For more information, contact 865-687-2986, fax 865-687-1884 or email info@krep-tn.com.

Mid Tenn Motorcycle Education Center

For those who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle and improve their existing skills enroll at Mid Tenn Motorcycle Education Center’s motorcycle education program. They offer basic Rider course, Advanced rider course and Sportbike classes. These courses are presented in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Motorcycle Safety and the National Motorcycle Safety Foundation. This motorcycle education center has earned Tennessee’s top award for motorcycle safety training as well as the national awards from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Click here to Register Online or call 931-503-1177.

Montgomery Rider Education Program, Inc.

This motorcycle training program offers motorcycle education and training activities to new and skilled riders. They believe that motorcycling can be a challenge; not only in learning the controls and acquiring the basic skills, but also in negotiating through real world traffic conditions. With this in mind, they offer Basic Rider course and Experienced Rider course. The state of Tennessee waives both written and riding portions of the motorcycle-endorsement test for students who have successfully completed a Rider Course.  For more information, 931-648-2208 or email MREP Info.

Smokey Mountain Harley-Davidson

Do you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Or have not ridden a motorcycle for awhile and want to get back in the saddle? Then register to a motorcycle education course at Smokey Mountain Rider’s Edge. According to their site, they include both in-class lessons and hands-on riding techniques that focus on developing the skills you need to ride with knowledge and confidence. For more information for the course, please call (865) 977-1669 for availability.

West Tennessee Motorcycle Rider education Program

The West Tennessee Motorcycle Rider Education Program has been in operation since 1993 and has a training center on the campus of Jackson State Community College and on Dyersburg State Community College. This motorcycle training center is approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and certified by the State of Tennessee. According to their official website, it is their goal to make motorcycle training as convenient to riders as possible. For more information, please contact Gerald or Miranda at 731- 845-4962, 731- 845-4237 or Dyersburg State Community College at 731- 286-3265 and Jackson State Community College at 731-425-2627.

These are some of the best motorcycle riding schools and training centers in the state of Tennessee.

Are we missing a school on our list? Or did you attend one of these schools and want to leave a review for future riders? Leave a Reply below and share what you know.

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