February 27, 2024

How to Get a Motorcycle Driver’s License in California

California Motorcycle Driver’s License

Motorcycle Riding Schools in California

Do you want to be a motorcycle rider coasting down California’s cool roadways? This is very possible! You only have to get your license from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles. How to get a motorcycle driver’s license and what are the requirements?

Basic Requirements for the License

Motorcycle license applicants below 18 must complete the following requirements:

Motorcycle license applicants 18 years old or older:

The state of California offers two types of motorcycle driver’s license. The first type is the M1 license which allows you to ride any type of motorcycle with an attached motor or motorized scooter. The second type is M2 license which permits you to drive a motorized bicycle, moped, a bicycle with an attached motor and a motorized scooter.

In order to get a motorcycle driver’s license permit, everyone regardless of age must get a learner’s permit first to practice driving your motorcycle before the driving test. For those who are under 18 years old, you must have your permit six months before your driving test while there is no specified practice period if you’re 18 years old or above. However, those who are under 21 are required to complete a state approved motorcycle safety course. How to pass the exam? The state requires you to study the Motorcycle Driver Handbook before your appointment. This handbook contains all the important information, rules and laws about motorcycles as well as motorcycling hints and tips that you need to understand.

Online Application of License

Applicants who want to get a motorcycle driver’s license through the internet should follow these steps:

1. Logon to the website of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles and click on “Publications”.

2. Download the California Driver Handbook and California Motorcycle Handbook and study the theories, principles, rules and practices about motorcycles. This information is important during testing.

3. Look for your local Department of Motor Vehicles office then click the name of your city for a street address and phone number.

4. Call your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to schedule an appointment and to inform their agents that you are interested in getting a motorcycle license.

5. Show up on your appointment then request Form # DL44 for motor licensing and complete your application. You will be required to provide proof of your identity such as your social security card and birth certificate. Give your thumbprint and have your picture taken.

6. Pay all fees associated with the application process then take and pass the vision exam as well as the traffic laws and signs test. You will be given a motorcycle instruction permit after the completion of the test.

7. Take the necessary practice riding on your motorcycle on roadways. However, you are not allowed to drive your motorcycle on highways and freeways, to drive at night and to carry any passengers.

8. Once you are done with the practice, call the Department of Motor Vehicles office and schedule a motorcycle driving test.

9. Pass the motorcycle driving test and you will be issued an M1 or M2 motorcycle driver’s license.

Avoiding the Skills Test

Additionally, if you are younger than 18 but wants to get your motorcycle driver’s license, you must have your parents sign the DL44 form, submit proof that you have successfully completed the driver’s education and driver’s training and you must be at least 12 ½ years old. Also, you must pass the California Motorcyclist Safety Program. This is a training course mostly about the basic rider course administered by the California Highway Patrol.

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