February 27, 2024

Hawaii Motorcycle Schools

Hawaii Motorcycle Riding Schools

To learn how to ride a motorcycle in Hawaii, enroll at Leeward Community College, a motorcycle riding school that offers the time-proven curriculum of Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

University of Hawaii/ Leeward Community College (http://www.ocewd.org/)

The mission of the Office of Continuing Education and Workforce Development (OCEWD) of Leeward Community College is to strengthen economic development and enhance the quality of life.

Leeward Community College offers the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course (BRC) Hawaii Edition and the Basic Rider Course 2 – Skills Practice, commonly known as the Experienced Rider Course 2 (ERC). This course was approved by the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) for Motorcycle Rider Education. The Basic Rider Course 2 is designed to provide current motorcyclists a lifelong opportunity for rider education and training.

In order to be admitted to the Basic Rider course 2, students must be licensed riders who have successfully completed the BRC or possess basic riding skills.  The course includes both classroom instruction and riding exercises in a controlled environment.  It gives emphasis on safety, skill development. Please click here for more information on the ERC course at Leeward Community College. Or visit this page http://www.ocewd.org/public/ms2000.html to learn more about the Basic Rider Course.

Aside from the BRC and ERC, the LCC also offer the following courses:

MSF RiderCoach (Hawaii Edition) Preparation Program

MSF RiderCoach Preparation Course

Alternate MOST Examiner Course

MSF RiderCoach (Hawaii Edition) Supplement Course

MSF RiderCoach Update Seminar

They have different training locations all over the state.

Kauai Vidinha Stadium in Lihue City – (808) 455-0477

Maui College in Maui City – (808) 455-0477

25th ID (L) & Usaraw Motorcycle Safety in Wheeler Army Airfield

For more information on LCC’s Rider Course, please call (808)455-0479 or (808) 455-0477. You also send an email at ocewd@lcc.hawaii.edu and www.lcc.hawaii.edu/ocewd .

This is the primary motorcycle riding school in the state of Hawaii.

Are we missing a school on our list? Or did you attend one of these schools and want to leave a review for future riders? Leave a Comment and share what you know.

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  1. Is there a course i can take over the weekend that would allow me to by-pass the learners permit for 6 months. Ive had my license in the past and have experience riding, i just don’t want to have the permit for 6months again. Thank you.

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