May 26, 2024

Idaho Motorcycle Schools

Motorcycle Riding Schools in Idaho

Learning how to ride a motorcycle properly is very important in order to stay safe while on the road. In Idaho, the Idaho STAR Program offers state-approved courses for all levels of riders.

Idaho Star

According to their official website, the goal of Idaho STAR is to prepare riders at level of experience with the skills and knowledge for safe riding. This motorcycle training center offers a variety of courses led by Idaho-certified instructors. They will provide each new rider with hands-on experience and individual feedback based on the skill set they bring to the class. They believe that the trainings they provided help make Idaho’s roadways safer for all.

The Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program was created in 1994 and then began the rider training in 1995. It is an Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education program and is accredited by the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators.

Motorcycle Safety Courses

The courses offered by Idaho STAR are held all over Idaho and are designed to challenge every level of rider so that they can become safer on the road. The courses offered by this training center are the following:

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These courses are offered at 12 different locations across Northern Idaho, the Treasure Valley and Eastern Idaho. Registration for the courses normally starts in the second week of February so get in early and register. You can register for a class at or call 1-888-280-7827.

This is the motorcycle riding school/ training center in the state of Idaho.

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