May 26, 2024

How to Get a Motorcycle Driver’s License in Illinois

Illinois Motorcycle Driver’s License

Illinois Motorcycle Driver's License

In order to operate a motorcycle or any motor driven cycle in the State of Illinois, you need to have a valid motorcycle driver’s license with the proper classification.

There are two type of motorcycle driver’s licenses offered in Illinois – the Class L license which is for any motor driven cycle with less than 150 cc displacement, and the Class M which is for any motorcycle with 150 cc or greater displacement.

Just like other states, Illinois requires every person who wants to drive a motorcycle to have a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement.

Even though the state does not have a helmet law, they strongly recommend all riders to use it.

Youth Applicants for a Motorcycle Driver’s License

To obtain a motorcycle license under 18 years of age, some basics are:

  • It is mandatory to complete the training course then take the skills test.
  • Complete a motorcycle driver training course offered by the IDOT.
  • Present the IDOT course certificate at your local VSD office and schedule your skills test.

For applicants who are 16 and 17 years of age, you can obtain a motorcycle license by following this process:

  • Apply for a learner’s permit or instructional permit for a conventional license.
  • Study and complete a driver education course at an approved school.
  • Apply for a motorcycle learner’s permit.
  • Study the   Motorcycle Operator Manual and the Rules of the Road.
  • Enroll at the Motorcycle Rider Course offered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.
  • Once you have a learner’s permit, you are allowed to ride and practice riding a motorcycle in daylight hours while under the supervision of a qualified motorcyclist.
  • Pass the motorcycle road test at your local Secretary of State Driver Services facility

However, if you have completed the Motorcycle Rider Course offered by the IDOT, you can waive the road test.

Adult Applicants for a Motorcycle Driver’s License

To obtain a motorcycle license when 18 years old or more, basics include:

  • Complete a motorcycle driver training course or take the motorcycle driving test.
  • Present the certificate of completion of the IDOT course at your local VSD office

The moment you turn 18, you are eligible to apply for a  Class L or Class M motorcycle driver’s license that is valid for a year, provided that you have completed a the Motorcycle Rider Course offered by the IDOT.

Here is the complete list of requirements for applicants who are 18 years of age and above, given you have passed the courses outlined above:

  • Fill out the application form then pass the original copy at the IDOT office.
  • Provide identification documents such as birth date and legal status documents.
  • Pay the basic fees.
  • Pass the vision test.
  • Have your picture taken and give a thumb print.
  • Pass the signs and traffic law examination.
  • Set up an appointment to write your examination at your local VSD office.

Completing these key requirements should earn you your Illinois motorcycle driver’s license.

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