December 11, 2023

How to Get a Motorcycle Driver’s License in Minnesota

Minnesota Motorcycle Driver’s License

Minnesota Motorcycle Driver's License

Minnesota is one of the best places to tour with your motorcycle. It provides a wide range of beautiful scenery along its many routes and safe highways, not to mention around the lakes. If you want to experience this fun ride down the road, make sure first that you have a motorcycle driver’s license.

How to get a Minnesota motorcycle drivers license?

You can get your license online by visiting the official web site of the state.  Download the Minnesota Motorcycle Manual. Read this manual, study the rules and regulations on riding motorcycles on Minnesota roads. You can then proceed on taking the motorcycle written test in Minnesota exam stations. By passing this test you will acquire your motorcycle permit.

You can then practice riding your motorcycle in preparation for a road test. Once you are ready to take the road test you can return on the state exam station, present your driver’s license and motorcycle permit and then take the road test. Once you pass the motorcycle road test you will be given a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers’ license which will allow you to ride around.

Seems very easy right?

However, you have to consider as well as complete important test and courses first before you can get your license.

So, first, plan to take a certified riding course.

Basic Requirements for the License

To earn a Minnesota motorcycle drivers license, it is a must that residents have a valid regular driver license then you must pass a motorcycle endorsement knowledge test, have a permit and to pass a driving test. If you pass the knowledge test, you have to pay $21 fee in order to receive a “Record of Examination” which will serve as your instruction permit. This will allow you to practice riding on a motorcycles around Minnesota streets and roads. However, if you are under 18, you must present a certificate of enrollment from an approved motorcycle trainingcourse as well as a proof of completion of the required motorcycle class instruction.

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DVS station

For new Residents of Minnesota

How can you get your motorcycle drivers license? New residents can acquire their Minnesota drivers license if they have a valid driver’s license that has not yet expires within the last year. This will allow them to take the motorcycle knowledge test when they take the license knowledge test. On the other hand, if you already have a motorcycle endorsement, the motorcycle test may be waived. But remember that this will only be possible if the previous state where you live has a skills test that is comparable to that of Minnesota.

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