April 17, 2024

Motorcycle Riding Schools – Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle in New Mexico

Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle in New Mexico

New Mexico Motorcycle Driver's License

Motorcycle safety is a priority in New Mexico. Because of this, New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program decided to offer the motorcycle safety courses, approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, in order to teach riders who wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program (http://www.nm-msp.org/)

The New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program offers two of the nationally recognized Rider Courses of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) in their training program. This program is offered all over New Mexico. These courses are targeted to new riders who never ridden a motorcycle or have taken some time off from riding, and experienced riders who want to improve their riding skills. Even if there are riders who have been on the road for the long time, the NMMSP believes that there are things they need to learn in order to have a lifelong motorcycling experience.

The Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

This is a course that is intended for beginning riders of all ages. The class includes a minimum of five hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of on cycle training in a controlled and off-street environment. This course is taught by Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s certified Rider Coaches that will teach students about the basics of motorcycle riding. A very important part of the course is when the instructors will show you how to create your own strategy for riding in traffic and in dealing with critical situations.  The course will end with a knowledge and skill evaluation. Upon completion of the course students will receive a completion card.

Experienced Rider Course (ERC)

The NMMSP believes that riders always have something new to learn. Most seasoned riders are flocking to the half-day Experienced Rider Course because for the desire to hone their skills and fine-tune the mental skills needed for survival in traffic. Students of ERC must have a valid motorcycle license and endorsement. The course will cover protective gear, rider responsibility, motorcycle inspection and care.

This is the primary motorcycle riding school/training center in the state of New Mexico. Are we missing a school on our list? Or did you attend one of these schools and want to leave a review for future riders? Leave a Reply below and share what you know.

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