February 29, 2024

How to Get a Motorcycle Driver’s License in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Motorcycle Driver’s License

Oklahoma Motorcycle Driver's License

Before you can get on your motorcycle and take a ride down the roads of Oklahoma, you need to have your motorcycle driver’s license first or you can add an endorsement permit on your existing driver’s license. You can apply for a motorcycle permit and license at any DPS license exam center in Oklahoma.

Basic Requirements for the License

Under the guidelines of DMV in Oklahoma, all applicants of motorcycle license and endorsement must get first a learner’s permit. Listed below are the requirements to obtain a motorcycle learner’s permit after completing a driver education program:

  • Complete the application form then submit the original copy in person.
  • Pass the vision screening test.
  • Submit all acceptable proof of identity.
  • Pass the signs and traffic laws examination.

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    • If you are 16 years old, you have to get the motorcycle learner’s permit and to follow the following restrictions:
    • The motorcycle or scooter must be no longer than 250 cc displacement.
    • You are only allowed to ride between 5 am and 10 pm.
    • If the piston displacement of your motorcycle is smaller than 125 cc, your speed may not exceed 35mph.
    • If the piston displacement of your motorcycle is larger than 125cc but smaller than 250cc, you may drive the posted speed limit but you are not allowed to ride on an interstate highway or turnpike.

Note: restrictions will automatically lift when you turn 16 years old.

The motorcycle learner’s permit will allow you to practice riding a motorcycle but should be under the supervision of a parent, guardian or any person over the age of 21 years old that holds both an Oklahoma driver license and a motorcycle driver’s license or endorsement. After holding your motorcycle learner’s permit for 30 days, you may take the motorcycle driver’s test. After passing the test, the supervision restriction will be lifted.

Avoiding the Skills Test

Applicants who are over 16 years old must pass the motorcycle knowledge test, a sign test and vision screening test as well as the motorcycle skills test in order to get a motorcycle endorsement permit. Just like most states, Oklahoma will waive your skills test and will issue you a motorcycle driver’s license if you were able to complete an approved basic motorcycle rider safety course.

The Rider Course training program offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation will help you learn:

    • Effective turning.
    • How to avoid an obstacle.
    • Braking maneuvers.
    • Motorcycle maintenance.
    • Traffic strategies.
    • How to use safety gears.

Once you learn a good foundation in motorcycle safety, you will want to know the rules of the road as well as the safety driving precautions as they apply for a motorcycle driver’s license. The basic rider safety course will last anywhere from two to six weeks and will include classroom instruction as well as driver training in a controlled and off-street environment. If you can complete and pass this course, you will be eligible of a motorcycle driver’s license without having to take your Oklahoma’s road test.

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