April 17, 2024

How to Get a Motorcycle Driver’s License in Texas

Texas Motorcycle Driver’s License

Texas Motorcycle Driver's License

Want to have a good time riding a motorcycle in Hill Country but but aren’t licensed? Get your motorcycle license at at any DOT office in Texas.

If you wanted to get a motorcycle drivers license, you have to apply first for a motorcycle instruction permit. This article will give you all the important information you need to know about how to apply for a motorcycle license.

Basic Requirements for the License

For applicants over 18 years old, you are required to:

  • Submit a completed application form in person.
  • Provide proof of identification
  • Have your picture taken and give a thumb print.
  • Pay the processing and examination fees. Your license will cost $32 except those under the age of 18 which is only $5.
  • If you own a vehicle, supply proof of insurance and registration.
  • Pass the vision test.
  • Study the Motorcycle Handbook and pass the written exam.

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    • For new applicants between 15 and 18 you must complete the above requirements in addition to having:
    • Parents or guardians authorization.
    • Certificate of completion from the motorcycle safety course. To learn more about the course, please see Driver’s Education and Driving Schools.
    • Provide verification of attendance and enrollment in driving schools.
    • Provide certificate of completion in the Driver Education course.
    • Provide proof of your social security number.

Out-of-state applicants can get a motorcycle classification on their existing license by:

    • Completing a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
    • Sending a copy of the graded written exam from the instructor that verifies the exam taken and the grade as well as the MSB-8 completion certificate.
    • Sending the fee in a form of check or money order drawn on a US bank. This will be payable to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

After you completed the above requirements, you will then get an instruction permit that allows you to practice driving a motorcycle. However, you have to remember that you can only ride a motorcycle if you are under the guidance of someone 21 years or more with a valid motorcycle drivers license. On the other hand 15 year olds are allowed to operate a motorcycle with less than 250 cc capacity. This restriction is automatically removed on their 16th birthday.

Aside from getting a motorcycle driver’s license, you must apply for a motorcycle license also. The first thing to do is to book an appointment in your nearest DOT office for the on-road test. Bring with you a qualified driver and vehicle to the test because it is required to have somebody to drive behind you as you ride.

Helmet Law

Just like any other state, you have to comply with the Helmet Law of Texas. Once in the road, any rider who is at least 21 years old will be exempted from wearing a helmet if they had completed a motorcycle safety course or has proof of MOTORCYCLE health insurance coverage.

Get all this sorted out and you should have your Texas motorcycle driver’s license.

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