April 17, 2024

Lake County IL Motorcycle safety class looking for a new home – Chicago Tribune

ABATE Region 2 Safety Class Needs Home

ABATE Region 2 motorcycle rider training
John “Bear” Hewitt of ABATE Region 2 – (source: Joe Puchek / Post-Tribune)

As recently reported in the Chicago Tribune, motorcycle rider safety classes in Lake County, Illinois will need a new home as of 2018.

ABATE has been providing annual rider safety classes in the Lake County Government Center parking lot for nearly 20 years and is disappointed they have to look for another home.  As quoted to the Post-Tribune, John “Bear” Hewitt says: “We’ll find something somewhere.  It always seems to come together.”  But ABATE acknowledges it’s a problem to move.

It’s not just about the money . . . or is it?

ABATE pays about $500 annually for the use of the space.  A competitive offer was received for $1000 a month . . . and was denied.

A Lake County government official notes that the county needed to decide if it was in the business of renting space or not.  And it determined it isn’t.

Read the original report here from the Chicago Post-Tribune.

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