May 26, 2024

Motorcycle safety class prepares riders in Montana

May 12, 2013, BILLINGS – In the past week, two people have been killed in Montana in high profile motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Rider Class

In both instances, Montana Highway Patrol said speed was a factor.

The month of May marks Motorcycle Safety Awareness and here in Billings, a rider safety course is teaching future motorcyclists the basics.

Rider coach, Terry Funk, says the course is a building block for riders futures, “The class is real important first step. And it IS a first step. Nobody comes out of here an expert. But they have the basic skills so they can ride safely out in traffic.”

After hours in the classroom with the pen and pad, students take to the track at the Rimrock Auto Detailing Center where the stuff on paper becomes more practical.

The safety course provides the motorcycles and gear. All the students have to do is pay attention and learn.

Nicholson remains vocal throughout the sessions, as he encourages and directs with techniques to use on the bike.

Between the painted lines, coordination of throttle, clutch, brakes, and gear shifting all come into play.

The course requires a knowledge test as well as a writing evaluation to pass.

Almost 81,000 motorcycles are registered for street riding in Montana, but there are just over 76,000 with endorsed drivers.

But the first step to be safe is becoming comfortable with your own abilities as a motorcyclist.

While safety is important, the ability to remain cognisent of other drivers who may not see motorcyclists remains important.

Approximately 80 percent of motorcycle crashes injure or kill a motorcycle rider.

If you would like to learn how to handle yourself on a motorcycle, find more on the lessons by clicking HERE.

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