February 27, 2024

Motorcycle Safety Classes Start in Duluth

motorcycle safety courses

Duluth, MN – According to Northlands Newscenter report, motorcycle riders will be hitting the road for the first time this year after spring weather finally in the forecast.

At Lake Superior College they took the day to remind motorcyclists of the safety precautions needed when riding. Participants of the program will learn how to ease the clutch, eased the throttle, properly get on the bike, properly get off the bike, and how to go around curves.

The Minnesota Department of Public Health reported three motorcycle rider deaths already this year which reiterates the importance of these classes.

Because there are over 230,000 registered motorcyclists on Minnesota Roads, this means drivers of all kinds need to pay attention and to be aware of motorcycles.

Motorcycle safety courses started through out the state in April and are available through October.

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