February 29, 2024

Motorcycle safety starts with awareness

The Daily News of Newburyport released their views about motorcycles. According to their post, motorcycle are everywhere and they are a divisive contraption.  People who own them are almost fanatical in their enthusiasm.

Their is an increase in the number of people who use motorcycles but with it comes danger. The danger of motorcycle accidents increases substantially in summer when with sunny skies, mild temperatures and dry roads. A study cited by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said almost half of all motorcyclist fatalities in 1999 resulted from crashes in just seven states: New York, California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The accidents are caused by over speeding and the people got hurt and killed for not wearing motorcycle gears especially the helmet.According to the national NHTSA study, more motorcyclists were killed on rural roads than urban, reversing a trend from previous years.

The most basic safety advice is also common sense: Wear a helmet and don’t speed or drink alcohol if you will be riding a motorcycle. And drivers of other vehicles should heed the national motorcyclesafety slogan: “Look twice; save a life.”

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