April 17, 2024

Five Damn Good Reasons to Use a Motorcycle Study Guide

Why waste your time with a motorcycle study guide?

Well, if you want to be a legal rider with a motorcycle license or permit, passing the DMV written test is critical. And  I’m going to propose that a motorcycle study guide can help you pass.

This should be your one of your last steps to getting your motorcycle driver’s license. And that should be your last  barrier to actually getting your own bike and riding.

But, do you like tests?  I don’t.  The test is actually the worst part of the whole licensing process.

Everyone wants to pass the written test on the first try.  But many don’t.

I had to re-take my exam once when renewing my license – I had already held my motorycle license for over 10 years.  I  hadn’t studied before the test and due to my lack of preparation and being updated on exactly the type of questions  that would be on the exam, I failed.  And it was like a 10 question “refresher” test.  Two trips to the DMV.  For me,  going to the DMV over and over again to test is depressing, time consuming and most of all, frustrating. It’s such a  waste of time and energy.

And I know I’m not the only one that’s failed one of these darn writing tests.  How do I know?  I’ve done my fair share of Googling on the topic and find forums and blogs that have test failure stories.  And those people are not  happy.  Lots of “!@$!#!@” in those posts.  It sucks for all of us.

Our site exists to help new riders get started.  And we want all riders to be legal with a license, so making sure you pass your licensing exam is a priority for us.

Now, going to a motorcycle riding school is our recommended way to learn how to ride a motorcycle.  It’s a great way  to test your real passion for riding – if you love class, odds are you’ll love having your own bike – and in most  states/countries if you pass the class you get a free pass on your license exam!  That’s just the best of the best ways to get this all done – learn how to ride a motorcycle safely and get a license for “free”.

But, not everyone is going to learn to ride at a class and so you’ll probably need to take a written motorcycle license exam in addition to an on-road test.

So if you are going to “go it alone”, it might go without saying (but I’m going to write it anyway) that one great way to  avoid failure, all the wasted time and the lost excitement to ride is to find a good quality motorcycle study guide  and, after studying the local state motorcycle manual, use that study guide and test to really get prepared. Even if you  go to class, you might want to prepare a little bit more.  You will take a written test in most classes!

You might think you don’t need a motorcycle study guide, but let me throw at you four, well five, thoughts on why you should.  And, being upfront, these aren’t shocking.

    1. You’ll know the type of questions – having some type of study guide will just give you a better sense of  what the test will cover.  And you might be surprised.  How about – what % of braking power does the front brake represent?
    2. Overall performance results in a study guide will highlight your strengths and weaknesses with  references for further study -you’ll know your weaknesses and where to focus your reading or review of  the motorcycle manual.
    3. You will remember the answers better – it’s just plain repetition.  Drill it all into your head.  If you want to, check out this article in the NY Times on practice tests.
    4. You’ll have practice – by using a motorcycle study guide, you can simulate the actual test to get comfortable in an examination.  Maybe, like me, it’s been a “few” years since you have taken a timed  written exam.  Well, practice so you reach that point when you become comfortable and confident.

And, lastly.  The extra for good measure.

It’s cheap insurance – for a few bucks, why not invest to guarantee your success?

Anyway, those are some thoughts on really insuring you pass the motorcycle license exam.

Motorcycle Study Guide Resources for you:

If you are going it alone and want to “buy some insurance” and prepare well for your exam, or if you want the extra  confidence in the exam that’s part of your riding school, here are a couple of things to check out.

First, it’s probably no secret that here on MotoSchoolCafe, we have a motorcycle study guide that we made just  for our fans and visitors.  It’s custom made by us and our team, for you, and offered at a great value.  Here’s a  link to an overview of our guide.

Second, we have become aware of a new company that has a pretty good selection of motorcycle study guides  and on-line training programs.  You can get an additional boost on this site with their programs.  Go check  them out over at iDriveSafely.com.  Buy a program/test and come back and let us know what you think.

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