April 17, 2024

The new european driving license is here – euronews

The new European driving licence is here

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As reported on euronews.com, on Saturday January 19, a new driving licence was implemented in the EU.

The “standard” licences will replace the unique licences currently available in the EU member states.

The new licence will have a life-span of 10 or 15 years depending on the state##Q##s implementations and will require renewal upon expiration.

States may require physical or mental aptitude tests for licence renewals if they consider it necessary. For professional drivers, a medical exam will be mandatory every time it is renewed.

Citing the “downsides” for motorcyclists, euronews.com notes that:

One of the biggest changes with the new cards will be the tougher rules for those on two wheels. Applicants who want to ride a scooter (the smallest type of motorcycle) will now have to pass a theory test and aptitude tests may also be required.

For larger motorcycles, there are two possibilities: either direct eligibility at age 24 (up from 21 today) upon passing a theoretical and practical exam; or access from age 20 after at least two years experience on a smaller motorcycle.

In practice, this measure is expected to push riders to acquire experience on smaller motorcycles first before moving up to more powerful ones. The hope is that road safety will improve as a result.

The new rules are also expected to end what is known as “driving licence tourism” by preventing those whose licences have been revoked in one state from applying for a new one in another member state.

There are state-specific rules on using the new licences, exchanging and for changing residences so please consult your local state laws.

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