February 29, 2024

New step to get motorcycle beginner permit renewals

motorcycle license

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Beginner motorcyclists in South Carolina has to pass a new test to renew or get motorcycle permits.  The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is now requiring every rider who wants to renew their permit to pass a motorcycle skills test on the road.

In previous years, riders could renew beginner permits without taking a road riding test.  That is until last week, when the DMV announced the new required test that will allow riders to qualify for a motorcycle license if they pass it.

Anyone who does not pass the course will still be allowed to renew their beginner permit. However, officials believed that with the DMV test. the roads will be safer for everyone.

According to the reports by the DMV reports, 17 percent of the states current motorcycle riders have beginner permits while nearly a third of 112,000 motorcycles on South Carolina roads may be operated by beginner permit riders who do not have motorcycle drivers licenses.

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