February 29, 2024

New Oklahoma website promotes motorcycle safety


Woodward, Okla. —

As reported this week by Woodward News, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office just launched a new website dedicated to Oklahoma rider safety and education.

The site at Okiemoto.ok.gov, is the official state site for motorcycle training and education.  The site is run by a committee representing government and private industry to balance the needs of Oklahoma riders from policy to protection and safety.

Assistant Director Kevin Behrens was interviewed by the Woodward News , an excerpt included below.

“The website is a recommendation of the Advisory Committee for Motorcycle Safety and Education. Its purpose is to act as clearinghouse for training and information for both riders and the general public.” . . .”I think it’s especially important to get information about available training to riders,” Behrens said.

“That’s an important element of the website I’m looking forward to expanding on so they can become better, safer riders. I think getting that information out there to riders will have the biggest impact.”

He goes on to add that, “We want this website to be a one stop shop for riders in regards to rider groups in their area as well as safety
information,” and that “the website is designed to get motorcycle
training information out to riders, so they can make themselves safer riders.”

Behrens goes on to say, “I would encourage anyone that rides to take a basic rider course and get that training, and to continue to be trained on a regular basis. Skills get rusty over time, you develop bad habits, and training can help knock that rust off and break bad habits. . .”


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To visit the Oklahoma Motorcycle Safety & Education Site click here

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