February 29, 2024

How to Prevent Motorcycle Crashes

According to The Roundup, Montana has been experiencing an increase in motorcycle-involved crashes. According to records, motorcycle fatalities increased by 43 percent.

While not all crashes are preventable, motorcycle riders and other drivers can take steps to ensure everyone is safe on the roadways. One of the easiest ways is for new and experienced motorcycle riders to take a motorcycle Basic Rider Course through the Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety Program.

According to Jim Morrow, Director of the Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety program, the Basic Rider Course has a life changing value for new riders who havent ridden a motorcycle for awhile because it gives practical riding experiences.

These classes improve motorcycle riding safety and teach teaches the importance of proper safety gear and the risks of riding while under the influence.

Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety (MMRS) became Montana’s official motorcycle training school in 1989 as a part of the Montana Office of Public Instruction in Helena. Later it was relocated to Havre, Montana as part of Montana State University-Northern.

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