October 3, 2022

Racing a Motorcycle Across the US? Try to Beat this Guy

Carl Reiss: source WIRED
WIRED: Carl Reiss who just set the speed record for crossing the U.S. on a motorcycle

Dude sets speed record for racing a motorcycle across the U.S.

As reported on WIRED magazine (author Jordan Crucchiola), Carl Reiss just set the speed record for crossing the U.S. on a motorcycle in a spectacular time just short of 40 hours.  He’s just set his sixth timed “Cannonball Run” record and I’m surehes’ a shoe-in for the classic “Iron Butt” challenge.

I tried the Iron Butt Rally – actually made the ride from Chicago to Portland, Maine under time.  Even had a cop in Portland sign the gas slip at the gas station when we finally arrived.  Just short of 24 hours.  And I can tell you that even at the age of 28, I was wiped out – wind battered, cold, wet and tired.  Oh, and like Carl, I did it on a lovely beemer.

I can’t image a 39+ hour blast across the country.

But there’s so much in the details of his ride – from conditioning his butt for the long haul, swearing off caffeine and sugar for weeks before, to having support crews staged throughout the trip – that differed from my raw attempt at racing a motorcycle and getting one-third of the way across the U.S. in just 24 hours.

Pretty amazing feat, actually.  The few ways to beat him?  Go faster (he averaged 73 mph!), sleep less (he had a one hour nap), and don’t get a flat tire.

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