April 17, 2024

A Look at Different Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmet

LAKE GEORGE — Each bike may be unique, but their riders have something in common once they cross the border into New York state: They are required to wear helmets.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles motorcycle manual of New York, it is unlawful for any person to operate or ride a motorcycle unless he wears a protective helmet which meets the requirements set forth in section 571.218 of the federal motor vehicle safety standards.

The standard 571.218, establishes minimum performance requirements for helmets designed for use by motorcyclists and other motor vehicle users.

There are three main types of motorcycle helmets: the half helmet, which covers the top half of a rider’s head; the three-quarters helmet, which covers ears and the back of the neck; and the full-face helmet, which protects the entire head.It must have a protective shell and lining that conform to the standard.

Helmets should buckle completely and fit snugly, but not so snug it causes a headache. If a helmet fits too loosely, the wind will yank it back while riding. It should be replaced every three to five years to ensure the shells effectiveness because the lining and inner shell start to deteriorate.

Helmets also come with options for different types of shields and visors for wind protection. Some feature built-in sun shields, while others have snap/screw-on shields and visors.

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