February 29, 2024

New motorcycle safety device to reduce rear-end collisions

Safety light for Motorcycles

California startup Vectolabs has developed a new type of safety light for motorcycles that illuminates when the bike slows down, regardless of whether or not the rider is using the brakes. This new device is called Vololights. It is comprised of two sets of LEDs built into a license plate holder that’s fitted with an accelerometer and CPU. It senses when a motorcycle starts to slow down then will produce a pattern of blinking lights to get the attention of following vehicles.

Vololights fits a variety of motorcycles and Vectolabs is confident that it will conform to state and federal legal requirements for lighting, but will recommend users check their local laws.

When motorcycle riders dont use the brakes to show down, it will cause the Vololights to flash twice per second, while using the brakes will flash them five times per second to indicate a more severe stopping event, augmenting the motorcycle’s stock lights.

This new device is  also aimed at owners of classic bikes or scooters where the hand grip for the front brakes isnt even connected to the lights, only the brake pedal is.

However, Vololights is not yet available to everyone since Vectolabs is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign that aims to raise $50,000 by June 12th in order to put the Vololights into production.

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