January 19, 2022

U.S. Motorcycle License Practice Tests

Pass Your Motorcycle Permit/License Test

Do you want to pass your motorcycle license exam the first time?

Of course.  And we want to help.

The heart of what we do here at Motorcycle Driving School Cafe is to help you go the legal and safe route to motorcycling.

We’ve published a bunch of info about getting licenses across the U.S. and other countries, including help for passing your motorcycle license exam or permit exam.  But a lot is spread out across the MotoSchoolCafe site.  So, we consolidated here on this post some of the basic info on motorcycle license (motorcycle permit) practice tests and study guides.  It’s a little bit repeating other info found on this site but consolidated in one place.

Here are the basics:

The Full Monty from IDriveSafely

First, we have found a great company helping soon-to-be motorcycle riders with passing their license exams in the U.S.  NOTE: We do not receive any commissions on this recommendation.

These folks, over at IDriveSafely, have made state-specific exams to help you pass your U.S. motorcycle license test and to avoid future trips to the DMV.  (You may know that happened to me when I went for my motorcycle license ‘renewal’ after holding a motorcycle license for 15+ years and failing the written test during the license renewal.  I know what I’m talking about here!  Unfortunately . . . )

IDriveSafely has available 2 levels of license practice exams – a 50 question test and a 100 question test. What they’re offering are a real multi-media course – audio and video, practice exam, solutions, and explanations. It’s all there.

You can study one question at a time or take complete virtual tests – a read-and-review study guide and unlimited practice tests.

If you are looking for an easy, effective, and practical way to study, these guys have what you need.  The study review is your comprehensive guide through the material, question by question. The practice test gives you a graded score which allows you to practice taking the actual exam and monitor your progress as you go.

And they have a guarantee.

This is a full program and, heads-up! – these are for ALL drivers and riders. The materials are targeted to include knowledge of your state traffic laws and rules of the road and are not just focused on motorcycle-specific knowledge.

Only Motorcycle from MotorcycleDrivingSchoolCafe

So, Second, this is where our exclusive and custom study guide, Crush Your License Exam, becomes a great companion – iDriveSafely will help you get brain strong on your state traffic laws and rules of the road and Motorcycle Driving School Cafe will make sure you master the specifics of the motorcycle license exam questions.

To check out the full driver program from iDriveSafely click on their image below and you’ll jump to the practice exams page where you can select your state.  It’s a small price, really, to pay for some great training and insurance for passing your exam.

Now, check out the FREE practice exam questions for building that bulletproof motorcycle knowledge.

Good Luck!

Keep us updated with your progress on your motorcycle license.  We’d love to publish your success on this page.  Come back and leave a comment on the post when you are a licensed rider!

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