April 17, 2024

Motorcycle Riding Schools – Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle in Pennsylvania

Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Riding SchoolsMotorcycling in Pennsylvania’s scenic country side is great fun.  Not to mention Philly or the lustrous Allentown.  However, just like any other state, Pennsylvania requires every rider to study the Basic Rider Course at motorcycle riding schools approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Listed below are motorcycle riding schools in Pennsylvania to help you find the right school for you:

Lancaster Harley-Davidson (http://www.lancasterhd.com/ridersedge.htm)

If you wish to learn how to ride a motorcycle, then Lancaster Harley-Davidson has the course that is right for you. They offer motorcycle training to new and skilled riders through Rider’s Edge. It is a 25 hour beginner skills course which is designed to teach riders how to ride safely while having fun. Upon completion of the course, new riders will receive an MSF completion card. For more questions about the course, contact Brenda Wright at 717-464-2703 ext. 207 or send an email on ridersedge@lancasterhd.com.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (http://www.pamsp.com/)

Pennsylvania offers Motorcycle Safety Program to riders of all skill levels. According to their website, the Motorcycle Safety Program (MSP) was established to teach riders of all skill levels the basic fundamentals needed in order to safely operate a motorcycle. The Motorcycle Safety Program is free for all Pennsylvania license holders.

They offer Basic Rider Course, Basic Rider Course2 and Three Wheel Basic Rider Course. The goal of the Basic Rider Course is to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of safe and responsible motorcycling and is designed to prepare riders for entry into the complex world of traffic.

The Basic RiderCourse 2 was developed to address the critical skills and knowledge needed for relatively low risk, enjoyable on-street motorcycling. The primary purpose of this course is to refine the riding skills of every rider.

On the other hand, the Three-Wheel Basic Rider Course is an entry-level, learn-to-ride training and education course that is taken on a 3-wheeled motorcycle. All courses are approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program is available in York, Monaco, Edinboro, Bellefonte, Clearfield, Philadelphia, and Montgomery.

To register, visit http://www.pamsp.com/Register_Help.aspx, or call them at (800) 845-9533 or email to info@pamsp.com.

These are just two of the motorcycle riding schools and training centers in the state of Pennsylvania.

Are we missing a school on our list? Or did you attend one of these schools and want to leave a review for future riders? Leave a Reply below and share what you know.


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