April 17, 2024

Training promoted to reduce motorcycle fatalities in Arizona

Officials in Arizona Promoting Training to Reduce Motorcycle FatalitiesA motorcyclist negotiates a training course at TEAM Arizona in Gilbert. (TEAM Arizona Photo)

As reported last week in the Arizona Capital Times, Arizona state officials are promoting riding instruction and licensing to reduce motorcycle accidents and fatalities.  Noting that official data shows Arizona had 157 motorcycle-related fatalities in 2011, up from 99 deaths in 2010, with an excess of 125 anticipated for official 2012 results, ADOT spokesman Doug Nintzel, notes that they need to “turn that trend around.”

The director of the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Alberto Gutier, was quoted as saying that “Training prior to licensing is very important.”

Arizona is a special license state and recommends third-party training programs prior to licensing.

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