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The heart of what we do here at Motorcycle Driving School Cafe is help you go the legal and safe route to motorcycling.

We’ve published a bunch of info about getting licenses across the U.S. and other countries, including help for passing your motorcycle license exam or permit exam.  But a lot is spread out across the MotoSchoolCafe site.  So, we consolidated here on this post some of the basic info on motorcycle license (motorcycle permit) practice tests and study guides.  It’s a little bit repeating other info found on this site, but consolidated in one place.

Here’s the basics:

The Full Monty from IDriveSafely

First, we have found a great company helping soon-to-be motorcycle riders with passing their license exams in the U.S.  NOTE: We do not receive any commissions on this recommendation.

These folks, over at IDriveSafely, have made state-specific exams to help you pass your U.S. motorcycle license test and to avoid future trips to the DMV.  (You may know that happened to me when i went for my motorcycle license ‘renewal’ after holding a motorcycle license for 15+ years and failing the written test during the license renewal.  I know what I’m talking about here!  Unfortunately . . . )

IDriveSafely has available 2 levels of license practice exams – a 50 question test and a 100 question test. What they’re offering is a real multi-media course – audio and video, practice exam, solutions and explanations. It’s all there.

You can study one question at a time or take complete virtual tests – a read-and-review study guide and unlimited practice tests.

If you are looking for an easy, effective, and practical way to study, these guys have what you need.  The study review is your comprehensive guide through the material, question by question. The practice test gives you a graded score which allows you to practice taking the actual exam and monitor your progress as you go.

And they have a guarantee.

This is a full program and, heads-up! – these are for ALL drivers and riders. The materials are targeted to include knowledge of your state traffic laws and rules of the road and are not just focused on motorcycle specific knowledge.

Only Motorcycle from MotorcycleDrivingSchoolCafe

So, Second, this is where our exclusive and custom study guide, Crush Your License Exam, becomes a great companion – iDriveSafely will help you get brain strong on your state traffic laws and rules of the road and Motorcycle Driving School Cafe will make sure you master the specifics of the motorcycle license exam questions.

To check out the full driver program from iDriveSafely click on their image below and you’ll jump to the practice exams page where you can select your state.  It’s a small price, really, to pay for some great training and insurance for passing your exam.

Now, check out Crush Your License Exam for building that bullet proof motorcycle knowledge.

Click on the image below and get the overview – you’ll be amazed at how we’ve priced this great study guide just to make sure you get all the help you can to pass your license exam.

Motorcycle License Exam Study Guide

Good Luck!

Keep us updated with your progress on your motorcycle license.  We’d love to publish your success on this page.  Come back and leave a comment on the post when you are a licensed rider!

Motorcycle License Change in UK: What You Need to Know

Major Changes in Motorcycle Licensing in the UK

Motorcycle License UK

We have our friends over at MotorBikeTestInfo to thank for highlighting us to the 2013 changes in the UK licensing laws.

We summarize here the basics, but recommend you check-out their summary post here on the same topic –> UK License Changes

The laws for getting a motorcycle license in UK had major changes take effect on January 19th, 2013.

These are some key changes to the law:

Age: 17 years old and above.

No Automatic Upgrade – Since the A2 license only applies for 19 years old and above riders, you can either wait for 2 years and take another test for an A2 license or just elect to stay riding a 125cc motorcycle. No automatic upgrade for A2 license – if you want to have an unrestricted license you will have to endure a second round of testing to remove the 125cc restriction.  The type of motorcycle that you will need to ride for the A2 test will be a 395cc motorcycle instead of 125cc to gain the A2 license.

However, to get a category A2 license without 2 years of prior experience, applicants must need to be 19 years old or older.  Applicants will use a medium size bike with at least 395cc. After passing the test, riders will be able to ride a motorcycle with 500cc. For those applicants aged 19 or over and with 2 years experience, you are eligible to take an upgrade test in order to get a Category A license and an unrestricted access to any machine.  So, you won’t be able to ride on an unrestricted license until at least 21 years of age.

Direct Access. There will be no direct option for riders who are below 24 years old. This age will mark for a rider on what type of motorcycle the rider will be able to ride. Progressive Access will be given to riders in this age bracket.

For all 16 year old applicants,

The laws in getting a motorcycle driver’s license stay the same as before. You can ride a moped with engine up to 50cc, either gears or without, on L plates as long as you have a current CBT certificate.

The only exception for 16 year old riders is if they have a full car license issued prior 2011. In this case, riders are still allowed to ride a moped but taking some form of motorcycle training is highly recommended.

All in all, the changes implemented will allow 17 and 19 years old to ride a motorcycle with a 125cc or scooter while riders aged 19 years old and over are given a new license category. This new category will allow them to ride a bike around 500cc. Also, the age for Direct Access was changed in 24 instead of 21.


The new european driving license is here – euronews

The new European driving licence is here

Motorcycling news from euronews.com!

As reported on euronews.com, on Saturday January 19, a new driving licence was implemented in the EU.

The “standard” licences will replace the unique licences currently available in the EU member states.

The new licence will have a life-span of 10 or 15 years depending on the state##Q##s implementations and will require renewal upon expiration.

States may require physical or mental aptitude tests for licence renewals if they consider it necessary. For professional drivers, a medical exam will be mandatory every time it is renewed.

Citing the “downsides” for motorcyclists, euronews.com notes that:

One of the biggest changes with the new cards will be the tougher rules for those on two wheels. Applicants who want to ride a scooter (the smallest type of motorcycle) will now have to pass a theory test and aptitude tests may also be required.

For larger motorcycles, there are two possibilities: either direct eligibility at age 24 (up from 21 today) upon passing a theoretical and practical exam; or access from age 20 after at least two years experience on a smaller motorcycle.

In practice, this measure is expected to push riders to acquire experience on smaller motorcycles first before moving up to more powerful ones. The hope is that road safety will improve as a result.

The new rules are also expected to end what is known as “driving licence tourism” by preventing those whose licences have been revoked in one state from applying for a new one in another member state.

There are state-specific rules on using the new licences, exchanging and for changing residences so please consult your local state laws.

Some material Copyright © 2013 euronews

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The Most Incredible Deal We’ve Seen on “Get Ready to Pass”

The Best Motorcycle License Practice Test Program on the planet?

UPDATE: Get Ready To Pass didn’t.  Looks like the folks over there had to turn off the lights.  These programs are no longer available.Pass Your Motorycle Riding Test Video Course

Just in time to start the New Year and help you attack that resolution to learn to ride a motorcycle and get your motorcycle license, our friends over at Get Ready to Pass, have put out an incredible offer.  We’ve never seen them put their program and extras on offer for such a low price.  I’m not quoting the price, just in case they decide to change it, but if what you see below is even remotely interesting, get over to their site before it’s too late.

We assume you don’t know yet about the program Get Ready to Pass has, so keep reading.  It’s really a great program for getting ready to ride and the offer that’s on the table is a do not miss offer if you are seriously ready to ride and want to ensure you pass on the first try.

This is the most comprehensive motorcycle license practice test program we’ve seen.  More than just some good ideas, this is real learning/real education.  And they are throwing in some nice little extras this holiday season to really really help you pass that license or permit test.

Getting ready to take your road test to get your license?  Nervous?  These guys will help you pass your road test on the very first try.  Better than learning from a handbook  you’ll get a Virtual Walk Through of the Road Test For Motorcycles!  You’ll SEE exactly what the road test will cover – no black and whites here, real video learning taught by professional instructors as they perform the tasks you will be graded on!

What’s the hook here?  You get to go visual.  Get out of the books and study guides from class.  This video course is better than any handbook out there.

Some of the good stuff here:

  • Real footage of motorcycle driving
  • Professional instructors
  • Left and Right Turns
  • Intersections
  • Expressways and Lane Changes
  • Managing Curves and Parking Lots
  • How to Identify and Respond to High Risk Scenarios

And, there’s a 100% guarantee.  If you aren’t happy, you can get all your money back.  It’s totally worth a look.

And you get a Motorcycle Driving School Cafe bonus too!

If you order Get Ready To Pass while they’ve got their Christmas Special going, you’ll get a free copy of our motorcycle license practice exam, Crush Your License Exam.  This guide is the result of 100’s of hours studying the U.S. state motorcycle manuals and pulling together the best of the best questions to get you prepared for your written exam.  Here’s a video sneak-peak at the practice exam: Crush Your License Exam Video.  Just a little extra something to help ensure you do pass that license exam.  After-all, that’s the goal here – get you to be a safe and licensed rider.

So, get ready to pass and then make that resolution real.  Get your motorcycle driving license with the help of Get Ready to Pass and MotoSchoolCafe; with us, you’ll be ready for your road and written tests.

Click below to get all the details of this huge offer from Get Ready to Pass.  Go buy the program, get the bonuses and then pass your test.

Motorcycle License Practice Exam