April 17, 2024

Who knew motorcycle schools had 50% off sales?

Take a Motorcycle Rider Course for 50% off

If you are in NYC and want to take a motorcycle rider course now, read this and save some cash.

I ran across this “coupon” just today and thought I would share for those of us New Yorkers that still want to get on a bike this year.  C’mon, suck it up, it ain’t cold yet.

The deal is for 50% off a “Introductory Motorcycle Experience” at the Motorcycle Safety School of New York (specifically, for Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and thereabouts).  So, you’ll get the intro course for $45 instead of $90.  Not a bad deal.

Now, the site that has this deal posted (here’s the link, by the way –> MSSNYCDeal) says the deal has expired.  But, take a look at the bottom in the THE FINE PRINT.



Given that I read English pretty well, I think it’s good through October 26th (or the 10th of 26 month, so either way . . .).

So, I’d go for it.  Call up MSS at this number 1-718-599-1079 and use the discount code they provide, Daily News, and get yourself a discount.

Leave a comment below if you hook up this deal.  Would love to hear someone took advantage of this deal.  Actually, come back and tell me if they DON’T honor the deal.  I might have to make note of that somehow.

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