April 17, 2024

A fundraiser to help bring awareness about motorcycle safety in Idaho

Motorcycle Safety

Bonneville County Choppers started a fundraiser  to help bring awareness about motorcycle safety and autism. Summer is the time of year when many drivers are starting to see motorcycles on the road again. With Idaho being one of the top places to ride, officials want to remind drivers and motorcyclists to be safe and aware when driving. More than four thousand fatalities occur each year in the United States. Summer Joy talks to friends and family that have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident and to find out what drivers and riders need to know.

Between 73 and 75 percent of the time fatalities are associated with rider error. Idaho Star held a free skills demonstration class at Action Motor Sports to help reduce those statistics.
The Idaho Start program helps you develop the physical skills as well as the mental strategies needed to keep you safe while teaching you in a controlled, off street environment.
A few tips from Idaho Star include:  wear good quality protective gear, keep your eyes up, ride sober, and take a rider training course. Star training is also associated with a 79 percent reduced crash risk and an 89 percent reduction in the risk of a fatal crash.
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For more information about Idaho Star you can click on this link http://idahostar.org/

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