February 27, 2024

Motorcycle safety class in Pennsylvania

motorcycle safety program

With summer weather in full swing and higher numbers of motorcycles out on the road, Mr. Menichiello, a motorcycle safety course instructor, urges both new and veteran riders to brush up with a class and ride in full protective gear before taking to the streets.

State police at Dunmore record shows an average of 12 motorcycle crashes a year over the past five years and seven fatalities over the past five years.

To help prevent crashes, the state Department of Transportation offers the free Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program, where Mr. Menichiello serves as a riding instructor.

There are four motorcycle safety courses offered for novice to experienced riders, and even a class for three-wheel riders. Through five classroom hours and 10 riding hours, riders learn both the skills and execution techniques to stay safe on the road.

According to Mr. Menichiello, riders must learn properly and learn the right way “And when you learn the skills, every time you go out and get better and better.” he added.

To read the original article and to get more information on the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program, Click Here.

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