May 26, 2024

Motorcycle license test for improved safety in Canada

April 16, 2013, MONTREAL— According to CTV Montreal, the SAAQ has a motorcycle safety campaign ready to help reduce accidents since a lot of motorcycles will be hitting the road this spring. The automotive safety board also plans to change the way drivers can earn their motorcycle drivers license.

Aside from wearing protective gears, the SAAQ ask riders to wear reflective clothing because they are more at risk during the spring. Riders need to be more visible and to be cautious. The SAAQ recommends any driver with four demerit points on their license be denied the chance to take the test. There is no timeline for implementing all the changes, but it seems certain that they won’t be in effect for this season.

Under current Quebec law, motorcyclists with a learners permit can only ride with another fully-licenced rider while they prepare for their road test. The SAAQ is recommending doing away with the rule, saying many driving instructors told them the program wasnt working.

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