December 11, 2023

Motorcycle Driving school Now Open in Gig Harbor, Washington

Motorcycle Training in Washington

The changes to the state law makes it easier to get the drivers license. The long lines at the Washington State Department of Licensing offices are a lot shorter also.

The state legislature has changes the regulations to allow third party businesses to provide driving tests for new and renewal licenses. The law allows DOL to let other businesses administer the tests. They also made the move to reduce the long waiting lines at DOL offices. Their goal is to reduce the stress drivers feel in having to take the driving test with DOL employees.

Because of this change, a select number of businesses are now certified to provide the motorcycle driving tests to drivers who wants to get their driving licenses. The PSS Driving School which was owned by Bret and Christine Tkacs and based in Puyallup one of those business who were allowed to provide licensing tests. They began offering driver testing in Gig Harbor last month. This driving school started out as Puget Sound Safety, offering first aid certification and that eventualy branched out to provide motorcycle training.

Unlike the driving school, the motorcycle training offers a variety of levels — beginner, intermediate and advanced — in riding street, dirt and track conditions.  The motorcycle training is designed to meet the needs of both beginning riders and those who have been riding for years, but could use a refresher course on staying safe.

Upon completion of the driving school, a student earns a competency card — not a learner’s permit — that the student can then take to the DOL office to obtain a learner’s permit. Motorcycle riding courses start at $125 that include safety course riding and written tests.

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