May 26, 2024

New and Improve Traffic Safety Campaign for Elk Grove

traffic safety

According to, drivers in Elk Grove will expect to see more police looking for impaired or speeding drivers, unsafe motorcyclists and stoplight or stop sign violations.

The Elk Grove Police Department recently received a $90,000 state grant from California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) for traffic safety, officials announced Thursday. The money will be used to support a year-long program aimed at preventing deaths and injuries on roadways through special enforcement and public awareness efforts.

“Despite the recent increases in the number of traffic deaths, California’s roadways are still very much safer than they were before 2006,” said OTS Director Christopher J. Murphy.

“The Elk Grove Police Department will be keeping the pressure on through enforcement and public awareness so that we can continue saving lives and reach the vision we all share – Toward zero deaths, every 1 counts.” He added.

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